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My 30g

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Hey guys I'm new to this forum but have been on Planted Tank for a while so i sort of know what I'm doing. Anyway this is my 30 gallon as if now. I plan on redoing it completely in the very new future though. What do ya think?
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Woh sorry for the terrible picture ill try puting another up later.
Agreed. That is one of the reasons i want to redo it. I want to make it more Amano style. I want to get started ASAP.
Ive had it set up that way for a LONG time and i am getting tired of it. It just seems like it is time for a change and it is getting neglected. It may not look like it in the picture but it is getting filthy. I recently set up a reef and have been so busy with that that i completely forgot about my planted. Now that everything has calmed down i noticed that it looks like crap and decided to redo it.
I like way the swords and discus look together too but i think my new scaping idea is much better. Trust me the tank looks like crap in person and it is just time for a change. BTW my big blue discus is getting too big and i am looking to sell him. Anyone that is in Minnesota that is interested pm me.
Thanks Jdinh
I need to get rid of him because he is getting too big and is picking on the other little ones. I plan on getting a bigger tank once the Heckles get biger but i dont have the cash to start up a new one right now. It seems like i never have any doe!!!
Do you guys have any suggestions or scaping ideas for when i redo my tank?
Anyone have any ideas for a new aquascape
Thanks b-dawg i was thinking something more natural and amano style. Something like what u posted.
1 - 10 of 18 Posts
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