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my 5.5 scape

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ok what do you guys think of the scape so far?

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I like it. But what is with the rock sitting on the hill?
i like it there thats really it
Nice! Just gonna cover it in HC or glosso? That would look sick!
yup have it planted now with HC on the left side and UG on the right. i also might add some Blyxia in the back right corner.

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Tank is looking good. I agree I think some Blxya up around the rock on the hill would look good.
Good scape. I think that Blyxa will not feet in your nano. A 'carpet' of HC will be lovely in your nano!

Great joob.
are you doing dry start method for the HC and UG if so remove some of that water so there's no puddles in the tank just damp soil that will help your growth rates
thanks for the info didn't know that, it may be a bit late but so far no problem (at least not much)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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