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A few month ago, I started a topic about a green water problem. With all the good advices found here, especially from Ray-The-Pilot, I can present you my aquarium. It is my first attempt at a real aquascaping. As you will see, the planting are quite basics but I am please with the results. As soon as I will found others species, I will do some changes...


Tank: 65 gal. hagen Osaka 260 (not a ADA but I like the look...)
Filtration: Fluval 350
C02: 5lbs. tank with Wilwaukee regulator
lighting: 2 X39 watts T5 ho (quit short on light but it's ok for me)
UV: coralife 9 watts (can't live without it...)
substate: florite covered with pea gravel
drifwoods and rocks: from a lake near my town

I do not consider this set as high tech compared to many others found on this forum. I quite like it this way because it is easier to maintain. Beside the green water episode, I had no major algea problems.


6 young angelfish (I have a passion for those fishes...)
2 orange molly
2 sae
2 flying fox


Echinodorus bleheri
Echinodorus Oselot
echidorus tellenus 'Micro'
ludwigia repens
hygrophila polysperma
cyperus helferi (not sure of this one...)
bacopa carolina
java moss

view of the tank just after the gree water episode 2 months ago...

front view

diagonal view

left view

right view

In the future' I wood like to add a another (bigger) piece of drifwood on the left side and maybe replace the big rock in the center with more plants, probably blyxa japonica or cryptocorne blassii, if I can find some:confused:

Hope you like it.

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Thank you for the comments Gravy9! Yes, my landscape experience help me a lot. I'm use to play with foliages, textures and color contrast. But, compare to an exterior landscaping, the scale of an aquarium is quite smaller...:D

I would like to add cryptocornes, the reddish kind, in center of the tank to add contrast. The problem is that I cannot find plants... I can't believe how it is hard to find plants here in Québec!

Is my love for angelfish who brought me (accidently) to aquascaping... I have 2 others tanks who are devoted to breeding. I'm quite new at this I have a lot to learn. My 65 gallons contain 1 veil marble, 2superveil marble, 1 veil green leopard and 3 zebras.

Is this the famous house of Frank Loyd Wright on your avatar?

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The problem of buying plants from business that we found here on this forum is the contry. I'm from Canada, and to buy live plants from others contries like United States, you need phytosanitary permit from agriculture Canada. Quite complicated... But I shold try the trade/for sale topic or I shold start a internet business of my own:) There must be enought frustated aquascapers in Canada to have good busnisess...:canada:

BTW, I'm also a big fan of Frank Loyd Wright and architecture in general.

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The maintenance is quite simple. First, I put fertilisers 2 times a week right after a 10% water change. I use Seachem products. 5ml. of flourish, 8 ml. of iron, 30 ml. of Excel (even if I have Co2...) For potassium, I use 5 ml. of a permaganate de potassium solution. For phosporus, the tap water here have a certain amont and it's seem to be enough.

2 times a month, I have to trim de hygrophila polysperma and the ludwigia repens. They grows like weeds!! One a month, I clip the moss on the drifwood pieces. BTW, how do you do clean all the clippings of java moss? The first time I did that, I didn't care too much about thoses clippings. Result:All of de clippings starts to grow between my tellenus... What a mess to clean...
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