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gravy9 had pointed me to this thread and asked if i had any other ideas of how to help a fellow canadian in acquiring plants. you can try as they opened their canadian outlet here in winnipeg, however my experiences with them were not very good, so i've personally stopped dealing with them. but that's just my experience, others have had better dealings with them. so that is one option, and from their website, they do have a good selection of plants.

another option is a fairly new one. a person here in the city, who is part of the local aquarium society, started up a wholesale business in importing fish for local hobbiests. he also ships nationally and to the US.

he is just starting to offer plants, so his selection is limited, however the selection will eventually increase as i am very good friends with a person who is on the board of the same aquarium society, and he's asked me what types of plants that should be ordered. it benefits the club and us :p

anyways... here is a list of plants he has so far:

Anubias sp.
Anubias afzelli - LARGE
Anubias barteri var. barteri
Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia
Anubias congensis
Anubias frazeri
Anubias lanceolata

Cryptocoryne sp.
Cryptocoryne lucens
Cryptocoryne lucens - LARGE
Cryptocoryne wendtii DeWitt (Red)

Echinodorus (Swords)
Echinodorus sp. - Amazon Sword
Echinodorus sp. - Variegated Sword
Echinodorus 'Rosé' - Rosé Sword
Echinodorus 'Red Rubin' - Red Rubin Sword
Echinodorus barthii - Ruby Red Melon Sword
Echinodorus martii - Ruffled Sword

Bunched Plants
Cabomba caroliniana - Fanwort
Rotala rotundifolia - Rotala


Bolbitis heudelotii - African Water Fern
Hydrocotyle leucocephalia - Pennywort
Lilaeopsis carolinensis - Giant Micro Sword
Lobelia cardinalis - Lobelia/Cardinal Plant
Marsilea quadrifolia - Four Leaf Clover
Trichomanes javanicum - Borneo Fern (note: not truly aquatic)
Zephyranthes candida - Dwarf Water Onion

it is very limited, but he ships anywhere in canada where westjet and air canada flies. of course his main interests are in fish, and he knows his fish, since he normally refers to them by their latin names. you can check out his website:

hope this helps!
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