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Okay, so this is where my fun begins! After letting my tank get completely out of control, I am now ready to devote the time to get it back in shape. Unfortunately I don't have before pictures (or ones when it was actually at its worst). This picture is after ripping out most of the algae. While I am getting it clean, I'm still trying decide it's future. I really don't want something have to trim every other day (why it got out of control to begin with) and am thinking about HC or glosso and some Blyxa Japonica. I'm open to suggestions!

Here are some specs:
Tank: 90G
Lighting: Two 150W MH (8000K ADA bulbs) (~3.3 W/g)
EHEIM Canister Filter
In-line heater
10lb CO2 Canister and RedSea in-tank diffuser

Remaining plants…
Abundant Sagittaria subulata (Dwarf Sag)
Lone Echinodorus martii (Ruffled sword)

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