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my 90ish litre tank

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Hi guys,

I was wondering what you thought of my tank?, it's basically my hygro setup :? I'm working on shaping the hygro as it grows. It's been running for about 3 months and did have a big hair algae breakout, but now it is virtually algae free, apart from the odd bit on the glass. For me that's a miracle and it's never happened before! I think it must be something to do with the yamato shrimp I've put in there.

Anyway I just thought I'd share as this site has given me a lot of inspiration and keeps me going.


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It is coming along very nicely. thank you for sharing:)

Welcome to the forum:)

Also, have you had problems with holes in your older leaves. I have some green hydro in a small setup and I have been having htis problem. I know it is not lacking in K, P or traces. I beleive my NO3 levels are good but that is a guess:) What are your NO3 levels?
I just got some hygro the other day from a friend. Its absolutely gorgeous! Looks great in your tank too BTW. :)
You got a nice triangel setup going here, so I think I would stick with that look. Maybe try to get the piece of driftwood to stand out better and that way make it a focal point?

Dennis: I had problems with holes in my hygro's before, and that was lack of potassium. After I startet using PMDD I never had problems with them again :)
thanks :D it's getting there I suppose, slowly.

Dennis - my no3 levels are about 5 mg/l, as for the holes there are a few on one or two plants but overall it's hole free. I think it's just some of my fish grazing them. The hygro changes colour as the plant gets taller and starts going a sorta reddy green colour. A bit like sunset hygro but I am sure it's not sunset hygro I have.

Hanzo - yes I know what you mean, I need to trim some stuff back for the driftwood you're right. There's also another piece in there which you cant even see now. The shape needs to be more defined. .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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