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My algae scape (AGA entry)

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Yes, you heard right, I have an algae scape :D

The algae actually wasnt in the plan. During my algae phase, I got a little bit of cladophora algae on the wood. I started to kill it all off, but then decided I liked it. I then treated it like any other plant that loved column ferts, and it treated me nicely in return.

Before you ask, I don't think this is the same clado that you have with marimo balls (This stuff does not like to ball up).

And to jump the gun again LOL....Yes, the algae is still growing nicely in the scape. It is NOT in anyway a temporary effect.

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Quite interesting.

Whats next, BBA based scaped?
Ugh! please don't mention that one!
Great idea, looks fantastic.
Best regards.
Looks nice, is that java moss growing on the driftwood?
Gomer, congratulations on a great aquascape.

What are the blue-tinted fish you maintaining in there?
Thanks for the comments

Gnatster: Don't tempt me :D

MrMup04: umm...that would be the Cladophoro sp. algae ;)

Rob: Those are emeral eye rasboras. Their blue eyes just worked out nicely with the background and contrast to the green
Hey Gomer!!!! Beauuuutifull

This cube is really wonderfull... and the idea of cladophora is very ingenious... i love this retrospirallis in background.

But let me ask you, how did you attach cladophora on wood?
Looks nice Gomer. There are a lot of good algae aquascape examples. Ocean aquarium in S.F. has some really neat tanks with algae aquascapes. They have a goldfish tank that has BBA that looks really neat.

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Very, very nice!

Could you get some of the same effect from tying down marimo balls to the driftwood? I really like the effect, it look much tighter and nicer that I think it would have using java mose. Me like!
At this rate, are we to see algae being auctioned off on Aquabid by Tony along with a few free bits of Ludwigia sp. Cuba and Hemianthus callitrichoides?

Andrew Cribb
Gomer, this is a beautiful aquascape and it’s soooooooooooo unique. The driftwood and plant choice is perfect. I’m jealous :wink: .
I never thought i would say that algae looks good.
Most impressive!
Glad everyone is liking it

IUnknown, I did see that BBA tank. It did look rather interesting. I think I'll stick to the cladophora though ;)

Pineapple, You won't be seeing that happen...although I'll trade you a small bunch of the algae for a dozen rare german hybrid swords :p

Hanzo, Not sure if the marimo ball species of clado readily attaches to the wood like this clado does.
Gomer, was this a total fluke accident, or is there a way to encourage that kind of growth? I really like the look of it.

Do you trim it or does it stay low like that naturally?
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