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My cherry army gone!?

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My 20gal high planted tank houses 150-200 cherry shrimp. I did a water change 10 days ago they were there. I just got done doing another water change, I found 4 dead one in its death rows and less than 50 are still alive:(. Well over 100 are uncounted for! I don't know what happend, below are my water stats. The only difference I can see it ph and KH are different, cuz I turned up my CO2 last week to help fight some algae. Normally ph=6.8 and kh=8.


Any ideas what might of happened:(?
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Hi Mikaila31,

Based upon my calculations, with a KH = 10 and a PH = 6.4, you CO2 is about 107 - 119 PPM! About 4 times the concentration I run my tanks. I don't grow shrimp, but my guess is that your CO2 is the problem. Maybe others with experience in this can provide more insight.
I would guess the CO2 was the problem since it was probably the only variable that changed in your tank. Do you have an accurate way to measure your CO2 levels, like a drop checker? The pH/KH chart isn't very accurate, expecially if you have a city water supply that constantly changes.
Well I did a large water change and reset everything to how I had it before. I'm so angry with myself, I neglected to check up on the tank because I was so busy with collage registration and high school graduation during the week. I knew I had an algae problem, its only been the last couple days that things seemed off with the tank. I'm lucky I just lost the shrimp and non of the fish. I don't know if I have a drop checker, I have a CO2 indicator from red sea. I have well water, which has stayed quite stable for the 5 years I've been monitoring it.
If you have well water, your water is probably fairly stable, at least I know mine used to be...and the pH/KH chart seemed to be right on the money for me then too. City water can be a whole different story as far as stability is concerned.

Life does get in the way of the hobby sometimes but you are lucky it was just the Cherries. I "gassed" a whole tank of fish back when I first started doing the same thing. Fortunately, with 50 Cherries left you should have another colony going in no time.

I know you have already learned this lesson the hard way but for everyone else's benefit, don't adjust the CO2 higher unless you can be around for a good amount of time to watch the tank.
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