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My evolution in aquascaping

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well, while this is a tank journal post, it is more a journal on ME.

I started this tank about 1 year first tank in about 20 years. It initially was a fish only tank, but I very rapidly got hooked on plants. The series of pics walks you through my mind of aquascaping from where I started to where I am now.

Some of the pics are transition phases to a "new" aquascape idea....some of which were never finished or photographed. I included them so you can get a better picture of things

oh..and part of the color variation has to do with learning to use a camera as well as a new set of bulbs in december.











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Wow I love the progressive pictures. Your tank looks great btw! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing :)
Very nice progresion indeed Gomer. You seem a lot like me, when are you going to rescape again :wink: I am the same way. Stsrted in september 2003 and learn, learn, learn. You aquascaping apilities are devoloping quickly. You seem to have started out well to. Your first tank looks very healthy and the layout was not bad either. Maybe you could tell us more of the personal side of the hobby. Had you kept plants before? Where/how did you learn?

Looking great though now. Glad to see you are entering it too:) You going to fo the same thing for the Iron 'scaper? Got to love those digital cameras:)

Thanks for the inspiration.
It's great fun to see how stuff develops. I get a good smile every time I go true my old pictures of my tank. Man oh man did it turn out bad :lol:

It's getting better, but it's hard to nail down all the things you have to take into considerations in one aquascape! I got the advice to redo my tank every third month, and I think I'm gonna do just that. Got this super big and quite nice piece of driftwood that I will plan a new composition around in a few week's time. Just gonna lett my plants grow wild a few weeks so that I have plenty to chose from when I'm redoing :D
Nice progression Tony. What size tank is that? Are the different color renditions on the last two from a change of 6700 to 9325?
Thanks. That is a 29g.

THe 2nd to last pic is 2x 9325 (a tiny bit more yellow than true, but quite close)

The last is a 6700K/9325 mix. THe color is very accurate.
The wonderful thing about stem plants....and the lack of really knowing what to do ;)
Gomer said:
The wonderful thing about stem plants....and the lack of really knowing what to do ;)
Woohoo, I'm with ya there Gomer. I just wait for the tank to grow out like a super jungle and then mow it down, hehe. Though I am constantly trying new ideas for aquascaping and new techniques my tank goes through the same stages as yours did. Great photos. Hard to believe it's the same tank in the last one.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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