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The first time i talked to don i was in the middle of cycling my tank. I had no fish in it, and only had the standard15 watt light that came with the 36 gallon bowfront tank. I had ordered my co2 from a different site, and was waiting patiently as the items were in backorder. He asked me what i planned to do with my tank, and i explained that i wanted a community tank with tetras, rasboras, and red cherry shrimp. I also told him i had malaysian driftwood, and that i had set up a scene that resembled a creek flowing through a forest. Thus, i wanted a lot of green plants, with some different coloring speckled throughout. He told me what my water conditions needed to be, and to give him a call in a week or two when the tank had cycled.

So i called him, and he informed me that the next step was to get some fish in there. i only had 6 tetras in there at the time, and he told me this was not enough due to the fact that the necessary nitrates would not be present to help keep the plants alive. So i bought more fish.

After this i called him, gave him my tank water test kit results, a list of my fish. In the meantime, i had ordered a 65watt 6700 light from bigals as he had recommended, and my co2 system had arrived and i had hooked it up. I was ready for plants. He then informed me of a problem he had encountered in the grow room, with some wrong supplies having arrived. He did not want to ship the plants to me until the right supplies had arrived, and the plants had recovered from this setback. I agreed and understood where he was coming from.

As of today i have not received my plants yet. However, this does not bother me. It is so easy for a company to send whatever as soon as you order. There are a lot of companies and individuals that simply do not care enough to take pride in what they do. His honesty, and reluctance to send me sub par plants, has won me over as a lifelong customer. Waiting for my order i consider not as a minor setback, but as a gain in quality and pride. There are setbacks to any business, and anytime the owner will be willing to tell his customers his problems is when you know an honest business man.

I encourage anyone needing plants to order from this place. It will be well worth it.
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