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You will have a high light intensity with those fixtures. T5 bulbs with individual reflectors, as those seem to have, give about 50% more intensity than PC bulbs. That will work fine, if you want that much light, and are willing to do the regular pruning, keeping CO2 levels high, heavy fertilizing, etc. needed to avoid algae. If not, look for fixtures with fewer bulbs per fixture.

FLourite black is a great substrate, and will last as long as you need it to last. It is basically an inert substrate, so there is nothing to "wear out". An alternative would be ADA Amazona aquasoil, which is also very dark colored, but is nutrient rich. You have to be willing to do the extra water changing for several weeks after starting the tank, or it will be a problem for you.

Don't worry about the pH change when you change water. As long as you just use tap water, and most of us can do that, the fish are not affected by pH changes caused by adding new water.

The amount of water you will need to change at a time depends on how you fertilize, how much excess feeding you do, and other possible problems you run into.

The pH controller is not a cost effective purchase. You can't use it alone to maintain the proper amount of CO2 in the water.
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