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My first, and its a 180 gallon...

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Ok, so I've been reading up for the past few months and am pretty well confused by now. I get the basics, but with my luck, I will end up with a tank of green soup if I don't get it right the first time. I just bought a 180 gallon Seaclear. 6x2x2. I am planning on it being a Rainbow fish species tank but with the corresponding cleaners too-problem #1. Rainbows like shrimp. No shrimp=algae. I was told about Olive Nerite Snails, but can the get to the fine leaved plants?
#2-lights, I am thinking these...

It should be in the low-mid range of light, yes? 10 bulbs @ 39w.

#3-substrate, I have been tole to use Flourite, but there are like 30 different kinds and then there are ones to add as a thin layer and others to use as the substrate itself. I have no problem using the Flourite as the substrate like this...

but my concern is longevity.

Oh yeah, then there is dosing. In a 180, I'm guessing 100 gallons would be a decent change every week, but when changing the water, do I have to build up the CO2 and macro/micro nutrients before putting it in the aquarium? I am afraid of a PH crash. Which is why I'm getting this...

I have a brand new Fluval FX5 to use for this tank-is that a good idea or will the biological media compete with the plants?

Ok, I think that is it for now. Sorry for the rant, but to see what I'm after, here is a link to an awesome article I just read and this particular page had a picture of almost exactly what I am after. imagine this image 6 feet long, seen from both sides.
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Very few people lay out a tank and never change things as it grows out. Even the "experts" end out changing out plants as they mature. I think that's half the fun of it. I like planting in the tank.

Some low growing plants that would work are Downoi, Echino Tenelles (I like the pink version), Crypt parva, Anubias barteri nana, etc.... There are lots. You can check the plant finder.

I keep a list with pictures of the plants I have. It has helped me a lot to learn the names. :D
I have an FX5 on my 125 and by itself there is no way you will get the flow you will need.. I added a Eheim Pro II 2026 and a powerhead.
Ok, here is my tank and stand/canopy. It's a 180, 6x2x2 Sea Clear acrylic. Stand is a hand built using 23/32" 4X8 AC Pine Exterior plywood from Lowe's and sealed it with a heavy black outdoor seal to keep the moisture out. There are some 2x4's and 2x2's in there too;) I have left the back off to make it easier to built the plumbing. I got the plans of the internet-I love the internet. I was going to buy one, but it is so much more rewarding when you build something with your own hands. Only problem is the canopy is only 4 11/16" from the tank top. I didn't think this through and now I am worried that the acrylic may discolor and warping from the lights. So I may go with a retro light setup rather than the TEK lights (same ones as ingg) I had planned on using and add a couple fans to the end of the canopy. Pay no attention to the location, I am in the middle of a move and it will be the center piece of the living room.

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you build the stand out of just plywood? I would put a few 2x4's in the middle and corners. Nothing worse then having 180G of water on your floor and a busted tank.
Yes, I have 2x4's in there.
thats a great tank !! wondering how would the piping goes ... fill it up alreaid and do the water cycle !!!
thats a great tank !! wondering how would the piping goes ... fill it up alreaid and do the water cycle !!!
Yes, I am wondering how the plumbing will go also. Trial by fire my friend. After I move, I begin the actual assembly. At which point, I imagine I will be posting tons of threads through shear desperation. But, I will get it done.
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