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I might be wrong, but you may have better luck if you don't try to adjust the water chemistry. The most stress-free way to go is use what you have available (tap water) and grow what grows. Fish will adjust to water conditions as long as you keep the water clean (weekly water changes of 20 - 50%, or LOTS of plants to keep it clean, or both) .

Most plants will grow in a wide range of water conditions as well except for some finicky species.

As for your ferts, you need more than just flourish. That only provides micronutrients. N, P, and K are also needed. Something else to consider is your light. At just 1 watt per gallon (if I read that correctly...13 watts on the 12 gal), you have barely enough light for a Low-light tank. (In which case, you may not need ANY ferts at all other than what your fish food provides. )

Try starting with low-light-tolerant plants such as Java Fern, Mosses, Cryptocorynes, etc... and see how they do. Or, bump that light up to 2-3 WPG if you want to grow a better variety. For HC, you'd probably need 3+ WPG for it to survive.

1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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