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This is my first attempt at a planted tank and it is about 3 months old. Enjoy!!

2 x 130 watt Coralife Compact flourescents
DYI CO2 reactor to filter inlet, no bioballs
Paintball Pressurized CO2 2bps
Rena XP3
Rena XP1

Hygro Polysperma
Cryptocoryne ?? (middle)
Java Fern
Hornwort (back middle I think)
Rotala Indica
Giant Hair Grass
Hygro Difformis
Blyxa Japonica
Rotala "vietnam"
Limno aromatica
Bacopa australis
Apongeton ??
Bacopa Carolina
Anubia nana
Anubia nana "golden"

Assorted platys
Long finned danios
rubber nosed pleco
bushy nosed plecos
Gold dust mollies
Pair of blue rams
Amano shrimp
Gold Panchax
Apple snails

Probably more plants and fauna than that, but I can't name everything!!

Comments welcome about rescaping!!


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How do I put bigger pictures in? I get told in manage attachments that max size is 420x280 for jpegs. Is there a way to add bigger pictures directly into the text of the post?
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