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- Get a water quality report from your local water supplier (search on-line). The report will give you some idea about what your water contains, GH/KH, etc. Having this information will help you better understand what happens in the aquarium.

- Consider putting something in the substrate you suggested to make it a little more nutritious for the plants. Marsilea (you call it Four Leaf Clover) species do appreciate some substrate nutrition. It's too late for this as you have already started. Unless you want to rethink now before you plant the aquarium.

- DIY CO2 - make your own and buy a Hagen Ladder. Do a search on this board for this and all of the other items like substrate and you will find a plethora of wonderful information from which you can make some good decisions.

- if you stick to 'attached plants' such as Anubias species, ferns, moss etc then you can create a nice aquascape without the need to re-do the substrate. Attach these plants to elegant rocks, driftwood etc and arrange according to taste.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Cribb
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