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Well, I got the plants a month ago, and put them in a 20g long. It was nice for awhile, then my birthday came by two weeks ago, and i got a 29g bowfront as my "show" tank. Well. Here it is. Tank specs listed after.

65W coralife freshwater 10000k light.
EI dosing method with dry ferts.
PH 6.8
Don't have GH or Kh kits yet, thats my next investment.

Plants: Java Farn, Amazon Sword, Anachris, Brazillian Micro Sword, Anibias barteri, Ludwigia repens, Moneywort, Hygrophlia Difformis, Alternanthera reineckii, and Rotala nanjenshan

Inhabitants: Silver Molly, Black Molly, Creamscicle Lyretail Molly x3, Cherry barb x5, Oto x5, Neon Tetra x5, and one snail :p

And yes i'm aware that java fern is in the way :p

What do you think?
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