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My Frontosa-Brichardi Tank Video

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Hi Friends !

I've just uploaded a Video of my Frontosa & Brichardi tank and wanted to show it to you friends. I know I'm very bad at aquascaping and my design is'nt great :) but anyways, its all I have and I've tried to do my best to make it good for my fish (which is more important to me - if I may say so)

Anyways, friends, it will be a BIG-BIG help to me if you can kindly have a look at the video and let me know your opinions / comments etc I dont really have anybody else here who can judge and criticize or correct me...

Kindly guide me and let me know if its atleast ok.

Its a 4 Feet 200 lit tank with 9 Frontosas, 8 Brichardis, 6 Bronze Corys, 1 Bristle nose pleco and 2 synodontis cat fish. I'm running 2 Eheim 2217s and a Eheim Internal Filter on it.

Here's the Video -

Please-please let me know what you feel - It will be a Great help to me...

Thanks a lot !
Regards and Care
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Hehe. I like the setup. Hardscape tanks are quite nice even without plants.

Are all the pots there because you are trying to get them to breed or to reduce aggression?

Just make sure to keep up with water changes as there are quite a few fish in the tank!
Hi Friends !

Kindly have a look and let me know what you think :)
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