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My live arrival guarantee

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All aquarium plants sent by UPS by Aqua Botanic are guaranteed to arrive live, and your full purchase price not including shipping is either refunded or issued as a credit. There is no photograph of the plant required within X number of hours or days because that is just silly. Even a good quality photo is misleading and doesn't prove anything, and in my view such a policy is meant only to make it to be such a hassle that people will not bother to do it. All you have to do is contact me within 48 hours of recieving the plants.

The same guarantee is extended to priority mail shipping on a case by case basis.

If plant shipments are delayed or lost by UPS, I ask that you recieve the package regardless and then report to me the condition of the plants. Whatever is not in satisfactory condition will be replaced immediately. The cost of shipping will be returned to you as well as long as the delay was not caused by your failure to pick up the plants on time, or if you provided incorrect or incomplete address information. I can not get a refund from UPS if you refuse the order.

AB wants you to buy in confidence without any worries about how the plants will arrive.
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What exactly constitutes "live delivery"? Cause you aren't the only person offering this guarentee. Plants, unlike say, a cat, are rarely live or dead. I know a dead cat when I see one, and I also know a dead plant when I see one, but plants don't really have such an obvious time of death. I mean, if i stop watering a house plant, it will start to die back...but it may be two weeks before the thing is really dead w/o hope of revival. I suppose I could drop an aquatic stem plant on the sidewalk, and come back tomorrow, and after baking in the sun, or freezing solid, it would be really and truely dead that fast. But if it was a cool cloudy day, and no one stepped on it, there's some hope to get it to start growing agian.

I see you don't require proof, which is nice, but it's like near impossible for plants to die in two days unless they freeze and all cell walls burst or they dry out.

Not trying to make a problem out of a good customer service policy, just saying, short of frozen solid or boiled, the plants will at least be "alive" no matter what.
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if you are saying this is some trick in wording I am using, no. They are dead if you say they are dead, its not that complicated. In 48 hours you should be able to figure out if they are dead or not.

Sometimes looks are decieving if you have never seen the plant before. For example, a plant like Bacopa myriophylloides or Mayaca, looks like a ratty piece of yarn until you put it in water. Some plants like a red rubin sword have leaves that are so thin and translucent that out of the water they look brown, colorless and dead, but when placed in water look dark red and perfectly healthy. A little discussion can clear that up, but ultimately it comes down to your word.
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