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My love of Aponogeton

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Ah paw no gee ton

Aponogetons don't get discussed in forums that much any more. It is a plant genus that has been around in the hobby since its begining, but large plants are not as popular as they once were. Everybody knows them as the bulbs that come in those packs at Walmart, or the Madagascar lace plant that is unmistakable, but one specie I think that is often over looked is one with the longest name...
A. longiplumulosus.

This species comes from madagascar and looks somewhat like its cousin "crispus" from Sri Lanka. Longiplumulosus leaves are generaly more narrow and much more wavy, fluted leaves. Growth goes dormant periodically, but will usually begin its growth cycle again within a few weeks without beeing removed or uprooted.

Like most Aponogetons, it often flowers on a long spike that reaches the water surface.

Moderate light is really all it needs. Regular feeding either via the substrate or the water column will insure continual growth cycles. C02 will speed the growth to maturity creating more of a demand for a nutrient reserve stored in the tuber to enable the plant to continue to the next growth cycle.

I just like the look and feel of the plant. As long as it's basic needs are addressed, it is a easy plant to grow and fine for a "low tech" enviornment in large tanks, or tall tanks.

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That one is really pretty....where could I get my hands on one like that?
From me of course! :peace:

I should have added, for those who don't realize where this post is...

I have small plants currently available for sale. Have you grown other Aponogetons before? I think they are very cool! :D
I've always thought they were very nice and elegant plants. The thing that has kept me away from them is the dormant period that many of them require or go through. Which species do not have this dormant period? Those would be the ones I might try out.
I have one in my tank right now...and yeah its the Wal-Mart kind, but its doing really well. The other ones that were in the box didnt germinate.
I think if you keep them well fed during the growth cycle then the dormant period is very short. Tropica plants says longiplumulosus can be kept in the aquarium while its dormant, but I have done this with crispus and ulvaceus as well.

Capuroni is another interesting looking one. I have bulbs of this that have just started to sprout.

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The A longiplumulosus I got from you as a barely sprouted bulb a month ago has taken hold and is putting out some lovely leaves - it's up to about 10" tall now and reaching up taller with each new leaf. It forms a great contrast to Nuphar japonica and Nymphaea lotus ‘Red’.
Cool! Take a picture! :smokin:
Which species do not have this dormant period?
A. rigidifolious is the only one in the hobby that does not go dormant, it is also the only specie that has no bulb or tuber, but a rhizome instead.

There is also an Aponogeton specie that produces baby plants on long floating flower spikes just like Echinodorus. Anyone know what the specie name is?
undulatus is the one that sends the daughter plants. It also doesn't get as tall or large as a lot of the other species.
There you go! Aaron knows his Apons.:high5:
I kept A. longiplumulosus until the think took over my entire tank. I pulled it out from my 46g tank and some of the leaves were over 4 feet long. I sold it to someone here and they complained that it was too big for their 75g tank. It sort of suffers from the same issues as bigger swords. They're fabulous plants and grow well, but they just get too darn big.

Now, A. madagascariensis is a different story. Fabulous, fabulous plant - I just wish it would grow for me.
I hear what you are saying, but I look at it differently. It is just a plant that grows very long leaves, but they are narrow. Its not much different than Crinums, Cryp balansae, and so forth. Aponogeton ulvaceus is more of a monster because the leaves can be 3 or 4 inches wide.

And, just like with Swords, when they get too big I take them out and get rid of them start over with something else.
I have my Aponogetons in a low-mid tech tank and they grow well, but not particularly fast. I think if I made the move to high tech I'd find them unmanageable. As it is, they're nice plants with interesting leaves that are a good background plant for a tall tank.

Sorry Robert, I don't have a camera right now. But they do look great.
My favorite has always been A. boivinianus but I have kept many species from this genus including lace plants.

There is just something about the big strappy leaves of the boivinianus that I find most appealing.

Sorry Robert, I don't have a camera right now. But they do look great.
I know, I just have to keep teasing you until you get one! ;)

My favorite has always been A. boivinianus
I like that one too. Its the dark green with the hammered texture that gets me!
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