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It is 3 3/4" length, width and hieght, its a cube... i tried adding a bumble bee shrimp but it died... but im not having that much luck with shrimp... the plants that are in there are java fern, java moss, anubias nana, two that i don't know of (on the left) a dwarf sag and a small crypt in the front. There is no light source or the light when im in my room and the sun hah. i dont think im going to put any living creatures in there maybe ill try an amano shrimp or something soon...

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Hi Guys,

I picked up this little tank at a yard sale for 5 bucks last weekend.

It's about 7" x 7" x 8" tall, which seems to work out to about one and a half gallons.

This will be my smallest tank ever.

I will want to plant it out and am wondering about a few things...

It came with a small air pump and some kind of UGF (under gravel filter), I don't know much about UGF's having HOB's (hang on back filter) on all my other tanks.

I was thinking about tossing the UGF as I don't think I even have all of it.
Theres just a grid thing for the bottom with a 1/2 inch diameter tube coming up from it.

I was thinking of just using the air pump with an air stone.

It has a hood that will take a screw in bulb, so I thought I would use a 10 watt 6500k compact fluorescent bulb, would this be too much light?

I realize I'll have to use smaller scale plants, any suggestions on plants?

I was thinking about running it without a heater, so I'm thinking of putting in White Cloud Mountain Minnows. How many can I put in a tank this small?
Are there any other fish you would recommend?

Can I put a bottom feeder in with out a heater? If so what kind?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanx, cactusdoug

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Some plant suggestions for this little tank:

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica'
Cryptocoryne x willisii
Vesicularia dubyana (java moss)
Anubias barteri v nana

If you plan to use lots of lighting and CO2:

Riccia fluitans
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Rotala rotundifolia
Micranthemum umbrosum
Didiplis diandra
Glossostigma elatinoides
Ludwigia arcuata
Eleocharis parvulus (dwarf hairgrass)
...should all work well.

For more nano tank pointers, this weekly topic should help:

Let us know how it turns out! :)


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Oh man, seeing this 2-gal hex tank brings back memories! This was my first ever tank! 'Course, many a fish have perished in here due to my inexperience......more like ZERO experience. That was six years ago.

If I remember correctly, it uses one screw-on incandescent bulb, right? I wonder if it is possible to retrofit it with an AHS 13W? Do that and I am sure you will be able to grow many plant genera. Now I feel like trying it, haha:p

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