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My new 32g tank journal

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As I am currently starting the setup of a new 128L (32G water column aprox.) tank, I decided to start a journal here for sharing it with you all and of course get your valuable opinions and advices with the hope to obtain the best possible results.

I am located in Medellin, Colombia. A place where it is difficult to find equipment and plants but I will do my best. From a friend I expect to obtain some moss, java ferns and some Cyperus helferii, and some Crypts and Echinodorus are already available in the fish shops here.

I'd love to have Echinodorus tenellus, HC and Monosolenium tenerum but that is virtually impossible to find here. Will have to look for those plants outside this country and hope that they travel ok in the mail.

By the way, If someone knows where I can try to order this plants please let me know.

Currently I already have my tank, an exterior Hagen Power Filter and for the lights I bought 6 20W Phillips Essential CF bulbs rated at 6500K. I also got a nice driftwood but will have to polish it because it has one very unnatural looking cut.

Then I will fill the tank and submerge the driftwood for some time and use that time for getting the canopy and base done.

I will start with DIY CO2 and use a small internal filter as CO2 reactor making some modifications as shown by one thread in this nice forums.

Here is a picture of the tank and the driftwood in the position I want to use for it when it's ready.

Until the next time,

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Is that the table the tank is going to stay on? If so I think it would handle the load better if you put a board the cover the tanks bottom under the tank and an enforcement board in the middle of the table. Otherwise the cheapest tables are the iron 1s.

The metal frame can be converted into a wood 1 later. Here is an example:
Wow Dawntwister, thanks for that link. Really, I was not planning to use the table in the picture for the aquarium, I only have it there while it's empty. I was planning to have one wood base done but will also consider this idea of converting the metal base to wood.

By now, I will place the tank on the floor with a styrofoam sheet under it and fill it with water. This way I can cure my driftwood while the base is ready.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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