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My new 50 gallon

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Pics of my setup tank after 2 days.
Coralife Aqualight lunar 192watts with a 10,000 and 6700 cf bulbs.
Tank is 36x18x18 with 1/2 glass top to give room for adjustable mounting legs.
Substate is Aquariumplants own about 3-3 1/2 inches deep.
Plants are Sags on left back and side. Vals on right back and side.
Anubias midground with mostly green small on left and gold small on right.
Will try and keep the sags and vals to see how they will do.
Filtering currently is with a Emporer 280 and it sure did clear up the tank after putting in
the substrate and planting overnight. Will be adding canister later.
Stand is from Petco. Lights are set up on a Coralife Digital timer controlling three cords
and running full time with the other cords for the pumps, etc.
Comments appreciated.

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Very nice start! 50G tanks are easy to aquascape, I've been enjoying mine for a while now.

With the light wattage you have you will need to add pressurized C02. Make sure that the lights are on daily for only 8-9 hours. If possible you may want to run just run 1 bulb, at least until you get C02 injection.

To me it looks if you may have your Anubias planted too deep. You want to leave some of the rhizome showing. Planting it at an angle is usually best.

Don't forget to start a fert routine soon. :)
The rhizomes are attached to small lava rocks and are juist above the substrate.
I adjusted them slightly.
I did get about 200 free plants with the Sags. Duckweed ;)
Great, the vals and sags will fill out very well for you. Are you going to fill out the front with a carpet plant?
Looks good. Before you know it, you will have a forest of grass in there from the vals and sag!
Looking good old man!

Is that Eco complete you are using?
It is not eco complete, but similar to soil master. Sells at for about $45.00 for a 5 gallon pail and will definitely cover a 55 gallon tank to about 3 inches in height. I actually bought it because of getting the free pail and the price seemed reasonable. A little light in weight to plant my stem plants, but managed to do it with patience and the crown a bit deeper on some, but plan on trying to raise them a little after they get their roots established if needed after the substate settles.
Next project will be pressurized C02 and then a front carpet and some kind of plant on the driftwood. Will see how this does for awhile first. 3 Small 1" swordtails enjoying helping it cycle right now with probably three more next week.
Update on tank: Got my fish load up to about 10 baby swordtails, no nitrites, nitrates, ammonia.
Plants doing ok with the exception of a couple anubias showing signs of probably
nitrate difficency (clear to yellowing leaves) See pic on bottom left. Added some
java moss on a thin rock on top of driftwood and another moss and anubia
in the crevice front middle. Sags holding in substate, but will try to raise them a
bit next weekend. Running just the 6700 bulb about 8 hours a day so far. Any
suggestions for adding more plants welcome and other ideas on the yellowing,
brown spot in middle and clear leaves.

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Hey "OldMan", the tank looks great. Maybe could use some color. The layout is great and I REALLY like your driftwoood. I may have a little somethin' for ya'. I'll PM you.

As far as the substrate, your plants will root in quicker than in some other substrates, and after that you won't have the 'floating' problem...but until that time...
Anyway, it's done a GREAT job with my plants, especially with root tabs added. I've also had great results with the Seachem line of ferts and the EI fert method. (Not trying to say it's better than another brand, it's just the one I've been using. Pfertz also had a good line of products.)
Your tank looks so healthy and clean! I like how you have a high side of your tank and a low side. If that is the look you're going for and you would like a little more variety you could put some stem plants on the left high side. You could do a few different types and then keep them trimmed shorter and shorter as you are heading toward the low side. On the right side you might what to have behind or in the middle of your anubias, blyxa or some sort of plant the size of blyxa that will grow higher than the anubias but still stay no taller than 1/3 of your tank height.

I always like to mix up the shape, size texture and color of my plants. It seems more interesting to me. I have seen some nice monotone tanks that remind me of the deep woods as well. Those are done with the all greens but different shades of greens and different leaf textures and sizes.

It really just depends on what type of look you're going for here. I do think whatever you do you need a little more variety of plants for more added interest.

... but I have to say... great start! :D
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High left and lower right was what I was going for. I'm hoping the sags on left will get taller and perhaps shade the anubias a bit. Once things get to growing a little I'll probably arrange the anubias a little differently as they are "portable" attached to small rocks. Ever seen the golden anubias on the right? Hard to tell in the pic, but they really a lighter shade of gold (yellow) than the other ones. Hard to tell in current pics, but will get closeup of them for comparison. Holding back on my light for awhile until I see how well these do.
Got a few more pics. A couple of these pics show the contrast in color of the anubias green and gold. Still trying to figure out the yellow-brown spots on leaves. Best seen in the bottom of pic two.
Started adding ferts (seachem line of Flourish and Excel plus a little nitrogen. Will probably begin using trace next week. Still running one bulb 96 watt 6700. Enjoying the lunar lights although I havn't been able to spot TexGal's Pleco's yet.:D No more pics until probably next week as going to add a few gift plants from members and redo my 40 gallon hex. That will be a project in itself probably.

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I would trim off the dying leaves of the anubias so they don't contaminate anything. I can only see a slight diff between the 'gold' and 'green', but it's always hard for me to tell with a picture. Seeing things in person is the only way to really 'see' them.

It's good that the anubias are portable. That was a great idea! :)

I can't wait to see what you do with the tank once the new plants arrive.

I have the gold anubias in my shrimp tank. Mine is Anubias barteri var gold. I always feel that yellow in gardens make all the other plants "pop". In the tank it does the same thing.

Looking forward seeing what you do with the new additions in your tank. It's fun to see all this creativity at work! :D
Tommorrow is the one month anniversary of my tank and decided to give an update. Things have gone smoothly and here is a list of plants and fish in it now.

13-swordtails (they growing quite nicely)
2- Bushynose Pleco's
3- Corydorus paleatus
3- Corydorus caudimacalatis
5- ottos (next week)

Bolbitus Fern (should it be this dark?)
Hygrophilia Sunset (small stems)
Ludwigia repens (small stems)
Bacopa caroliniana
Various Crypts
Various Anubias
Java Moss
Java Fern "windelov"

Dosing with the Seachem line now and plants beginning to take a hold. One of the pics shows how deep I left a couple Sags as they were growing well and didn't want to disturb them.

I know it looks like a disorganized aquascape, but will be doing a bit of moving around after the smaller plants and anubias get settled in. Still unsure about doing a low foreground and even thought about using the Hygro sunset with small trimmed stems, but that would be a job to keep trimmed.

The last pic is in another tank of two anubia's. I removed about 5 "portable" ones that were very algea coated and put them in a three gallon bucket. Dosed twice in a week with algeafix (API) and this pic shows how it cleaned them up compared to the one on right not dosed. The one on the left was a lot worse than the one on the right.

These latest pics were taken with my new Canon G9. Great camera not so good photographer, but for first time using I guess they better than my others.:)

A special thanks to Luis, Dave and Texgal for the advice and plants.

Comments appreciated.

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Looking good! Now you're getting some plant mass in there!! In a couple of weeks it's gonna look good. I think the bolbitus will make it. Some people trim all the leaves off the rhizome and just let it grow out again. It's a slow grower. You have to have a lot of patience for these slow growers! :D
I like your tank it looks good. Where did you get the stand for your tank? I like that design. Keep up the good work
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