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my new scape

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Hello Here is my new layout its been setup last month tell me what u think.

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Very nice. I would look awesome if you had a ground cover plant covering all that sand.

This is a work in progress for the forground i order hc and dwarf hairgrass.
The "tree" looks very cool. The scape overall is nice and the cats (glass cats? ghost cats? ) look like the perfect fish for that tank. I look forward to seeing this as it progresses!

i think the red plant on the left side of your tank is too eye catching, i'd suggest you to either take it out or place it somewhere else. i love the sand as the foreground. i would just rearrange the stem plants if i were you.
Nice work - I'm not a fan of twisted bamboo though - yet it fit in very well.
Nice work and balance, Jean.

Thanks every body i am keeping all the comment in mind. Dave they are glasscat fish one of my favorite fish.

Thanks again everybody.
The aqua scape has a very promising layout, your off to an excellent start. I am not fond of the plant back round, I think it takes a way from the plants.
Looks fantastic! I love the mossy-tree look! Keep us updated once you get the foreground growing in.
Here is an update of my scape. A lot change since and it is winter here Quebec so that why the tree has no more leaves. The real reason why is that i order Vesicularia ferriei (Weeping Moss) which is going to replace the java moss that was on the tree. Please let me know what you guys do to make that moss thrive i want a make sure its going to work.

I change the background too made a big difference. I have some more extra plant coming to finish filling out so i will update soon with the new stuff.

Feel free to comment.

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It looks nice and clean, that driftwood looks awesome.
It's been a while but here is an update a lot has change since.


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Looks very good, how is it maintaining the hc as opposed to the grass, I've been thinking of switching.
I put glosso instead of hc because the hc was to slow growing for my taste and i like the bigger leaves of glosso.I prefer it to hairgrass a lot because the fish crap doesn't stick to it like hairgrass so the tank look better that way.
Here is a new update after a crazy summer.


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Just beautifull love the tree it looks great
Thanks a lot wicca.

Comment are more then welcome.

Right now i am only dossing florish exel and iron no co2. I have been out for a while (june) And decide to see how efective it was and to my surprise work really well and it keep algea away.

Feal free to comment.
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