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I thought it was time to show off my little bowl I have at work:

This is probably around a half gallon "giant brandy snifter from Ross" pico bowl that I picked up over the summer. Some of you may remember that I was initially planning on having my neat little ADA 30-C cube at my office, but I decided against it for a variety of reasons. However, I still wanted to have something here, and since I have some of the Aquasoil Amazonia laying around, I cracked it open and used a couple of handfuls for my bowl.

Here's some basic stats:

- Aquasoil Amazonia
- tapwater (near LAX)
- unheated
- Tom Dive Clean Micro filter
- 50w halogen desk lamp on the "low" setting, about 8" above the water
- Java moss, cabomba (I know, I am a cabomba fiend .. I just trim it a lot) and Lobelia cardinalis as my centerpiece (thanks Dan!)
- 3 cherry shrimp (thanks Mike!)
- assorted pond snails from the plants

I had a hell of a time getting it suitable for shrimp. I tried one shrimp about 6 weeks after I had the system up and running and s/he died within a day (after molting first, BTW). When I got my next batch of shrimp, about two months later, I popped a few more in and so far so good!

Thanks to Jim on this board for inspiration to try this concept in the brandy snifter. :yo:
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