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My platy finally had her babies

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So my wife and I finally decided to get some fish. Way back in early mid august, we purchased 1 betta, 2 platys (1 male and 1 female, not by our choice) and some black neon tetras.
Shortly after we got them, the female platy slowly got much larger, that is the how we found out he was a she. Quick name change, and we started watching her get nice and plump.
So she finally gave birth tonight to like 50 babies, i have only counted 5 stillborn/undeveloped fry.
I was just getting home from work, so we caught her right at the start of the drop. I quickly moved her to a different tank and for 6 hours she just popped them out, i scooped them up and put them in a fry tank. I have some pics and some video that i will post, but I am exhausted from this and must retire for the evening. :rolleyes:I Will post them tomorrow.
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Congratulations! We'll be waiting to see your photos. :)
50? wow... mine rarely have 1 - 5
I would have thought a bigger batch like killudead but mine only produce like sunstar with about 1 -2
I have a 3o gallon platy only unless they are eating there own..I wouldn't think so
Oh yeah, I think they do. Don't most livebearers? I could be wrong.
Yeah, they will eat their young. Along with the parents, almost any other fish will eat the young as well. That's why, if you want to keep all/most of your fry alive, you have to move them to their own tank. Moving them to a new tank completely elimates one of the major death factors in the life of a fry; Getting Eaten :eek:. They should be added back when they are bigger then the biggest fish's mouth (Or I guess you can just say the biggest mouth in the tank).

Enjoy your babies. My platy had 10 before it died in the middle of giving birth. Then the fry survived a few days in my large field of Java Moss, but when I noticed they were slowly being eaten (I really only wanted to keep a few. Not to overstock), I managed to get 2 out, which have been doing well in a fish bowl. They just turned 5 weeks old! :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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