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So my wife and I finally decided to get some fish. Way back in early mid august, we purchased 1 betta, 2 platys (1 male and 1 female, not by our choice) and some black neon tetras.
Shortly after we got them, the female platy slowly got much larger, that is the how we found out he was a she. Quick name change, and we started watching her get nice and plump.
So she finally gave birth tonight to like 50 babies, i have only counted 5 stillborn/undeveloped fry.
I was just getting home from work, so we caught her right at the start of the drop. I quickly moved her to a different tank and for 6 hours she just popped them out, i scooped them up and put them in a fry tank. I have some pics and some video that i will post, but I am exhausted from this and must retire for the evening. :rolleyes:I Will post them tomorrow.
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