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My sunny tank in the street - photo session

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There i present me and greetings. Some photos and data of my hi-tech tank.

Cap: 100 lits.
Tap water: 24 Gh - 8 Kh
Co2: max tolerate from fishs (20-30 mg/l aprox)
Temp: 22ºC (night) - 25/26ºC (day)
Light: a lot of... thousands w/liter !! :D At full sun in the yard.
Fertilizer dayly: NPK

Some pictures i take in the last weeks.
Any comments are welcome.

General view, at one moth ago

Hetheranthera, Limnophila aormatica and others

Eusterrallis, Didiplis and Rotala

Here all the rest pictures

Pd: Updated the links
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amazing! those flowers are awesome..great pics
Absolutely impressive!!!! How to you keep it so clean and algae free with no top and so much sun? Do you ever get local fauna (animals, birds, insects) playing in it. Teriffic photography also.
Wow! Awesome!. I too am curious as to how you keep it algae free with all that sunlight. I live in the tropics and outdoor tanks are usually very green - with algae that is!!.
Unbelievable! More info more info!!
That's really amazing...I never saw a planted aquarium with a natural lightning in this condition.

Congratulation...from the cold Germany to the sunny Spain.

Best regards,
Oliver Knott
Tank looks great, aren't you scared to leave it outside though?
Hey Trebol, cool pics!!!
is good see spanish people here....
Well, i´m glad if you like my little pool Really is the most luxurious fountain from my sparrows and somes dragonfly !! :D

Jdinh04, the tank is on my yard, is not a public place, no problem.

More info more info... let´s me see....
substrate: below is a mix of older fine gravel, on top a few ctms, of Flourite (Seachem)
Co2: presurized at 24h. When the fish go up at the surface at breathe, then i take the phmeter and to keep this level only a tenths below. Now: ph 6,3
Fertilizer: well, just i have trying at low levels of No3. But in "standart" situations add everyday: N 2 ppm - P 0,03 ppm - K 3 ppm
Fe: 2-3 doses per week, but low levels.... about 0,03 ppm every doses.
Trace: very irregular, every 20-30 days add 1 ml Flourish.

The evaporation is bestial, everyday 5 lit.
the change of water in winter is minimo, 10 lit every week. In summer, when i use this water from the plant´s garden, i can change 10 lt. every day.

Fauna: 3 otocinclus - 12-15 Rasbora & Albonubes and a lot of snails.

As you can see, the maintenance is no-orden... :neutral:
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I was just wondering recently whether the "direct sunlight causes algae to overtake everything in and out of your tank" rule was also a myth...

And there is the answer!

Amazingly algae free...
yes, there are algae, but in a amount i think "reasonable".
As I see it "direct sunlight causes algae"?, not. The sunlight CAN be the unleasher, but not direct responsable. The question is set a ambient stable along the time, because i think is fundamental a daily fertilize.

Perdon me aiport english !! :???:

To me your tank very much revolutionary - breaking the planted tank myths for "too much light" and "high light tanks needs a whole lot of iron".

In addition to that the tank looks beautiful.

One other interesting thing that I see is that you don't use rich substrate. With that much light one could say that a rich substrate is a must but you prove otherwise.

Tell us some more about the first stages of the tank - when it was still not established. What were some problems you encountered (if any) and how did you go about resolving them?

What is your GH again?

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Hi niko,
yes, this is a very interesting theme from me. I too knew this "myth" because i get out my tanks... i wanna believe iit, ... but i cann´t :D
too much = algae, welll, lets me see it.
I have always thought what recommend levels of iron was too much high. My experience with quelate iron (now i use Flourish Iron) is what levels>0,5 = algae. Water? balance N-Fe? i don´t know, i used tapwater with Kh 8, Gh24 and ph 7,4 (in South-East of Spain the water is very hard).

The substrate is a older mix of other tanks, with 90% fine gravel and 10% clay+MO+vegetable rest (and earthworm of my garden ;) ). Like this

In my personal page (in spanihs, of course) you can see other photos about progress in the last months.

Now, the first problem is the temperature, for the fishs not plants... my 300 w heater is ON all the night. For the plants the "problem" more serius is the period of light, because, for example, i think my rotala indica, after four moths submersed look like this:

just this plant in my tank inside home have fine and large leaves :-s ,
look the limnophila aromatica

When the plant just go out of the denseness stop the growth and turning very slowly, i think this is blame of light period, but i don´t sure.
Other curiosus problem is the abrupt change between shadow and light.The plants suffer a soft whiten.This photo was make with flash from exposition control and white balance.

well, i think this is a minor problem.

Pd: i hope you can understand my english. :neutral:
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AWESOME setup! Won't things get in it? And what happens when the sun is not out?
beautiful and revolutionary ...
this is one of the coolest tanks I have ever seen!
Certainly food for thought... I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it, but there it is.

Your English is fine :)
I don't post a lot here, but I have to say, great job! It's nice to see someone is trying something a little different! I'd love to keep my tanks outside, but since it is 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I don't think it's a good idea!

Your English is perfectly understandable, don't worry about it:)
Thanks for the info! I wish the weather would allow something like that down here!
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