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Thanks cs and Ivan was planning on moving it next water change :)

Tank is 130 liters
600mm wide 600m tall and 300mm front to back
ph 7
nitrate < 5 ppm
nitrite 0 ppm
ammonia 0 ppm

Water changes are done every 2 days 10liters at a time using my mini vac/siphon I made to clean rubbish out while doing the water change.


Java Fern
Darwin Val.
common Val.
Red Tiger lotus
Chain Sword
Small sword (unknown species)
Medium Sword (unknown species)
Anubias Nana
Cryptocoryne cordata
Cryptocoryne beckettii
Small piece of horn wort soon to be removed.

Algae eater (will be removed when I can find SAE)
2 B/N Catfish
Golden Panchax (added by mistake with tetras lfs error soon to be removed)
3 R/N Tetras (8 more to be added)
Soon to be added 2 wild pattered angels

I use rain water to fill my tanks as our tap water is a joke.

I run 2x2 liter bottles of DIY Co2 recipe is 2 cups of sugar a sachel of bakers yeast then fill with water warmed to 40 degrees c about 10cm from the top, I find the warm water gets it going quicker. I make a new batch for one bottle every 2 weeks alternating bottles each time.

Fert. regime

Dino Pee
Dino Dung
Dino Spit

From this company and I have found them to be fantastic really great I also add 2 dried speed poo pellets under all my root feeders this seems to give them a rapid boost until the roots reach the dino dung.

Regards Darren
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