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Hi all,

My name is Dennis Dietz(dennis) and I have become a planted tank nut. My friends think one of two things. Either I am the plant freak or I am the cute dorky one. (cute as in..aww, thats sweet, look at you playin' with your little chemistry set :twisted: On day they will see....bwhahahahaaaaa!

I got started in this hobby Memorial Day, 2003, when my girlfriend, Carolyn, bought me my first aquarium..a 10 gallon. I was enthralled by all the fish and neat things you could buy, but bordom soon set in when I could not train the fish to fetch, or make them grow faster. Then I discovered the few plants my lfs carried. I realized here was somehting I not only had to care for, but something I could train, grow make change color and I would not feel guilty if I killed it. The plant bug bit me early, with in my first month, so I definately am more into plants than fish. Don't get me wrong, I love my little friends, but I don't know their scientific names and I really think they make my plants look nicer:)

I am also a bit of a DIYer and I am a custom furniture maker by trade and training so feel free to ask any questions along those lines. Some where, deep in the forum bowels now, is a number of threads titled "Ask Dennis" where people can ask me questions related to woodworking, cabinets, stands, hoods, etc.. Although origionally from south east Ohio, I have lived in Easthampton Mass for the past 5 years. I an 24.

Anyway, I am glad for this hobby, the many great people out there and the knowledge they have to share. Welcome to APC!
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