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Just by looking at the tank I'd swear it is a bigger tank, at least 30 gals. That is the second best 10 gal. tank I've ever seen and it is not even finished yet. It looks very natural and has no dead areas. I don't feel like someone "made it", it looks more like the plants grew perfectly by themselves without intervention.

To me personally it's very impressive to see how the 4 dark branches starting from the left and going to the back of the tank seem to get smaller "in the distance". Beautiful illusion of depth!

The tank is not finished yet but I think it needs 4 things:
- A denser Isoetes on the background (the tall skinny leafed plant).
- "Dark areas", areas that are formed by the shadows and add a lot of depth to the aquascape (like the space right under the Monoselenium).
- Meticulous trimming of the stem plants with short stems in front and taller in the back so the plants form bunches that look fuller.
- More stems of the red plant, but not too many :)

Also if it is possible at all :-D... A few dark, maybe grey, rocks in the foreground may enhance this great (small) aquascape.

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