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hey Carlos, can't wait to see them in ADA :D

As for the hardscape, I only have a couple things that I am not sure of (translation: take my advice on a grain of salt LOL)

10g: The crossing of the woods in the center top--This part, I am not sure if I like or hate LOL. One of those things that I'll just have to see. The wood extending to the far left--it feels too long for me reaching all the way to the glass. Not that you have much of a choice, but it feels "crowded"

5g: It is a little hard to say with the angle that is presented, but the wood going up and forward just has a massive feel to it. Sorta works against the "larger than it really is" effect.

Other than those things, I think you have some nice tanks in the brew:) sold your soul to pellia...
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