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Hi There

I was wondering if anyone in the us is testing or using different type of frozen food
to control the total ratio of nitrogen and carbon in there tank.
In holland a small group of people is doing this and are getting some good result.
Changing the ratio wil lead to very clean tanks with beautifull plant growth.
The equipment can be reduced.
Less co2 and no ppmd has to be used.

I will supply more info upon demand ..

Greetings ..

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Well I agree , with you Tom that P is often a limiting factor.
But using our feeding method will free up all plantnutrients accept K.

The proces consist of 2 steps that, when combinend result in lower needs of plantnutrients.

First, you slowly change from your current fishfood source to using frozen food species
with a low C - N ratio such as Mysis and Bosmina.
This will result in faster and total microbial decomposition.
So your bottem becomes cleaner and higher amounts of elements can be used by your plants.

Some high tech research is in this and Lamberti 2002.pdf

The second step is in reducing our filtermaterial.
Biofilms in filters take up huge amouts of nitrates and TE's for there metabolism.
So we got ride of all filtermaterial and simply use them for only heating, co2 addition and water flow.
However some plants simply will not grow if there are no nitrates.
So you'll have to add a fluid-sand-filter for this purpuse.

The only element that can't be found in this fishfood is Potassium so
that's all you need to add extra.

All basic rules for a planted aquarium still have to followed.
So you will still have to add co2, plenty of light, regular
water changes and have a low KH.

Most research into this stuff has been done by leading dutch biochemist Adriaan Briene.
Before this he also studied the Redfield ratio ( N - P ratio )
His pages are in dutch but can be found here.
and here

Give it a try, and you'll see some amazing results.


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thanks thanks thanks


Sorry for my late reaction, testing , testing, good testing take's time.
Thank you, for your good and extended vision on this topic.

I will agree on most of the things that's you typed.

>> Food in, plant growth out. <<

This way is still growth limited by the amount of TE's that comes from the food.
Many tanks run that way, and I don't feel the need for speed.
Comparing this, with your EI / armano style of planted tank running is useless.
Simple thinking by me : light W/gal x 10 = co2 level

The point is to decompose N, C and P by using the right c:n ratio without losing it to sediment or filter uptake by
regulating the amounts of heterotrophic and nitrifying bacteria.

This info is about denitrifying.

The FSF is used for it's thin biofilms and creating the still needed no2.
Filters are never to be stopped..

Water changes ( 25% / 2 weeks RO water ) is done only to prevent inhibition / toxicity.
Plants will also have that effect.
Ca release from the food also increases the kh slowly. ( Low Kh )
Ca will also bind to P and Fe ..

The redfield ratio has been debated since release on many forums.
Problems lie in the P factor, it often forms ion-bindings that won't show up.
The total nutrient flows are more importend.
I'm interested in the R&D that you have been doing on algea conditions and
the NH+ levels, did you put any detailed info on the net about that ?
Just started with your site ?

I'm also one of the people that's isn't affraid of watching tanks get filled with algea.
The more we learn , the beter we can help others.
I'm still young in that way.

A lot of research into this method still has to be done, as you sad, before all factors and underlying mechanisms are clear.
Comparing a planted tank to a huge natural ecosystem is also useless.
We simply don't have the facilities and capabilities that you have.

Try using wodka as a form of C that'll do the job ..
Not all researcher found liniearity between labile and stabile doc and denitrification.

Good luck with your new job ..

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Thanks again Tom,

For explaining all items that come with the EI en general plant growth.

>> They will run counter to what you have learned thus far from the sounds of it. <<

No actually not ..
I have made some misstakes with overdosing the wrong stuff.
Found that not all TE sources have the right components for MY tanks.
Did a fair amount of DIY testing for co2 enrichment.
Found a dry food that containt a good amount of P.

The thing with ca and fe was my fault ..

Bye bye
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