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In browsing the entries in this year's AGA contest, I found myself drawn to Wayne Sham's entry #36.

His tank has inspired me to scape a five gallon tank I am currently using to breed RCS.

In Wayne's entry, I see that he refers to the grass-like plant as "Junior sword." Phil's comment indicates it is E. tenellus, which is what I thought it was at first glance. Will someone confirm that it is in fact E. tenellus?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for alternative "grassy" plants to use as a highlight to a primarily glosso-scaped five gallon tank? I was thinking about using a variety of eleocharis or perhaps sagittaria subulata. I am looking for a plant that will not spread rapidly in relation to the fast-growing glosso. The tank will be lit by a 15w PC bulb, and I plan to supplement with CO2 and macro/micro nutrients as needed. To reiderate, I am looking for a slow-growing, grass-like plant, the leaves of which will contrast in shape and color with glosso.
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