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Native Aquatic Plants in MD

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The other day Cavan Allen, krisw and myself went on a little photo safari. We started at the Patuxent Research Refuge's Visitor Center and then made our way over to Rock Creek Park to scour the edges of Needwood Lake.

Callitriche sp.

Lobelia cardinalis in full bloom is a sight to see.

Another Lobelia species.

Ludwigia peploides spreads its way across the lake's surface.

Proserpinaca palustris emerges from the lake bed.

A Sphagnum moss species grew abundantly along the shores of the Patuxent's Cash Lake.

Murdannia keisak (introduced) grows among some flowering Utriculara species (most likely gibba). Also, laying flat on the surface of the water was one of many Eleocharis species we saw. This was likely parvulus or acicularis.
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Hi Aaron, have you tried out U. gibba in the aquarium? I know it has a terrestrial form but I don't know if the aquatic form is floating, affixed, or anchored.

What people usually ID as U. gibba in the aquarium is actually U. olivaceae.
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