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Calcium in forms not specific for aquariums (like turbo calcui) seem to be of a larger grain size and take a long time to dissolve, it also has something to do I believe with the chemistry of how things dissolve as to why it clouds your water. I would not assume that the cloudiness is a result of creating a "super enriched" solution with the CaCl. Youmight try using a different form, or putting the CaCl in your filter to dissolve slowly over hte course of the day. Its possible that Mg is actually the culprite. I would try dosing some Epsom salts and see whet that does after a week or 2. SOrry I cant say how much to dose but I just read a post, by Tom Barr it think, advising this and an amount was recommended. Definately, I would try to maintain my CO2 at 30ppm or so:) Whenever I get flucuating CO2 I start having problems.

Hope that helps
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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