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Need a plant ID :)

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I recieved some "mystery plant mush/fragment" in a shipment a while ago. I have revived it to several plantlets. Anyone have an ID on this plant?

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Eichornia diversifolia? Sure looks like it.

mystery solved :) thanks! Pretty plant...just didn't have a name for it *L*

Just the correct spelling Eichhornia diversifolia

This is true weed. Tips when not covered by anything from above will stay healthy green, but once they see some shade, stems and lower leaves will start turning blackish/grayish.
Yes, that is definitely eichhornia diversifolia and yes, lower leaves will turn black/grey if shaded in the least. Not to worry though, those plants won't be that small for very long. It side shoots like nobody's business.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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