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Im currently looking to replace my current lighting to something more efficient.
I want to know what would be the best for my set up. 3x current usa trulumen pros 8,000k or 2/3 Finnex FugeRay2s Double 7000k lights.

Current specs:
Tank: 60P
Lighting: 110W Pc 10k & 6500k 2hrs in the morning and 6hrs at night
Filtration: Ehiem 2215
Ferts: Light E.I.
Co2: Nano Diffuser 2bps on only during the night 1.5 hrs before the light comes on and goes out 1hr before the lights go off
nana peite
Dawrf Hair Grass
Mini Peilia
Flame Moss
Christmas Moss
Rose Moss
Mini Bolbitis
I believe thats it im probably missing a few I have a few moss screens growing for a new tank im setting up.
oh wait red root floaters edged to a corner
LIve Stock:
Rummy Noses x11
Cardinal tetras x6
Black Phatom Tetra x2
buterfly loach x1
Otto x3
Rili shrimp x?? too many to count
CRS/CBS x10?

no real alge problems except for the tips of the needle leafs that are at the surface
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