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I have a 6 Gal Eclipse tank. It comes with a standard 12 t5-8Watt Florescent. That equates to about 1WPG accounting for some loss since the reflector is just white plastic. I have tried other bulbs with different lux levels and K ratings, but none have proven satisfactory. I have some great ideas of stuff I want to grow in the tank, but the lighting is sub-par to say the least. I am good with electronics, modification and wiring, (I built & modded my own computer), but I just need some ideas to get started. Here are some of the ideas I'm bouncing around now.

1) Remove stock molded plastic hood and make my own lid out of clear acrylic. I will enclose the filter with this as well, then build my own custom hood out of wood and upgrade it with a higher wattage CF.


2) leave stock hood and line the inside with a combination of White, Green, Blue, and Red LEDs to provide more light. This could also be sent to a custom controller circuit board to allow for some of the LEDs to act as a moonlight for the tank as well.

If anyone can think of anything else that might work to allow more light into the tank, please let me know. I am up for any ideas. Please make them DIY or budget friendly, as I'm not made of money and do not want to spend too much on this. Thanks!!!
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