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I have a 20L and a 10 gallon on a kitchen countertop. I am using DIY CO2, which isn't working real well and it is a pain. I would like to go pressurized, but I can only see two places to put the tank: On top of the refrigerator, or between the two tanks. That space is 10" wide, 18" tall, and 14" deep. The space on top of the fridge is larger of course, but it is up against a cabinet and the only place I could chain it would be about 6" high. What are my options?

Right now I am using Excel and everything looks pretty good, except the Glosso isn't growing very much. I have a 24x2 T5 fixture over each tank, hanging from the cabinet above. Can Excel provide enough carbon on it's own?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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