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Hi all - this is my first post here but i've been a long time reader and user of all of the great resources here! i'm hoping to get some advice/input on a new recent tank set up.

this is a new Walstad set up that's been set up for exactly ten days now. it is a 14gal cube, about 15.25x15.25. i have a 100 watt heater and the Hygger 14w 24/7 light on. i have other Walstad tanks that have been up and running for 1.5 years with no problems, but this is my first attempt at one over 5 gallons. I'm hoping to use it for a betta once it is fully up and running. I use dechlorinated tap water with a GH additive as my local water is extremely soft. my levels have been stable for the past few days, with ammonia at 0.

anyway, to the issue I need assistance with...about 3 days after initial set up my water became extremely cloudy. I figured this is a normal part of the bacteria colonizing and let it be. I've done one 30% water change since setting the tank up as I've read it's best to leave the bacteria be and give them time to properly colonize. Since then it's become even more cloudy, and now small orange looking dots are forming near the glass and on the water surface. is this normal? I'm wondering if it is orange algae? Am I simply being impatient and should just continue to give the tank time to harmonize or should I be doing more to solve this problem? It's becoming very unsightly and i have to admit i am becoming inpatient.

any feedback welcome, thank you! i've attached a photo at it's first set up (I've since added even more plants), one that was taken today, and one close up of the orange dots.
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Cloudy water like this is not good or typical. Change water until it clears up. (Harmless black worms digging in the substrate could be causing this extreme level of cloudiness? Check the tank after lights out for these worms. Be prepared to add fish to eat the worms.)
Don't worry about bacteria colonization. They are in the substrate and can take of themselves. :)

Oops! Haha thank you for your insight! i did about an 80% change last night. This morning it clouded up slightly again but is significantly better. I didn't spot any worms last night but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled...not sure what the issue is otherwise. thanks again.
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