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Hi, All!

Some of you folks might remember me from a few years back. I was pretty active here and in the hobby, in general. Well, then I got into bantam chickens (yes, live ones) and sort of disappeared from these forums for a while. Now I'm back, maybe not "with a vengeance," but I'm getting back some of my old passion for this stuff...

So I wanted to get an idea from you guys about what Anubias 'petit' on driftwood would be worth. I apologize for the poor quality photos... We're without a digital camera right now after getting both of ours stolen a few months ago. I'm having to make due with my chumpy 2.0 MP camera phone so everything looks very pixelated. But you can get an idea of the size of the pieces.

This one is a piece in my 2.5-gallon tank:

Now, it's a little bit deceiving because it's actually two small pieces of driftwood that I've placed together. The one piece on the right with the mini Pellia is actually leaning on the piece with the Anubias on it. Sorry about the golden lloydiella sticking up behind it.

Here is a photo of the whole 2.5-gallon tank so you see more accurately how big (or small) the piece is:

I just started it up a couple of weeks ago so it looks pitiful at the moment.

And these are a few of the smaller pieces in my 10-gallon tank:

Yes, the piece on the far left does have an interesting little tuft of what appears to be cladophora growing on the wood. For some reason, it doesn't appear to be getting "out of hand," probably thanks to my Amano shrimp in this tank.

They're all very well-adhered to the driftwood and growing beautifully.

I'm thinking that since Anubias 'petit' by itself is typically sold for about $10 for a small, 10-to-15-leafed piece, these could sell for more. I just don't know how much more and thought I'd ask you guys what *you* thought would be a reasonable price. Not that I'm going to sell any of these right away... There are also pieces I didn't photograph, which are about 3 or 4 times the size of these. I figure those would go for 3 or 4 times whatever these smaller pieces would be worth.

The driftwood is actually African bogwood, if that makes any difference.

Thanks, All! And it's nice to be back doing this stuff, again :) .


P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. Wasn't quite sure where this would go...

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What size of aquarium do Bantam chickens require?

I think the price for Anubias petite might be a bit lower now. IMO, you could ask maybe $10 for the plant on the driftwood. Some people might be willing to pay more. I dunno. I wouldn't sell it without being very up-front about the algae, especially if it might be claudo.

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Well, if I costed it out...

I've bought several petite at least as big as the larger ones in your photos for $4-5 or so each here on the forums. I think maybe prices have changed a bit on you - HC used to cost a fortune, too, but not anymore. ;)

Tiny blocks of wood are sold as scrap in my LFS, couple dollars a pound. I figure if I found the petite's online, it'd cost me maybe $7 to make the bigger combos in those photos. Since folks sometimes don't like doing it themselves, maybe $10 mounted on the wood? This assumes, of course, clean, algae free sales.
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