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First off, welcome to apc!

Several points jump out here. First off, 320W on 125 gal is high light. DIY CO2 won't cut it here, and if you're uxing Excel according to instructions, you're spending a fortune! Pressurized, pressurized, pressurized! :) Or lose a couple hundred watts of lighting and stick to very low light plants and an 'el natural' style tank.

You don't seem to be adding any ferts. Again, you have high lights, you need to provide the plants with all they need to grow healthily - along with CO2 this includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micro nutrients. Check out the stickies here for PPS or for EI. If you have soft water (which I assume you do since you're using RO), both will work, if hard water EI tends to be better. The re-curring cyano is an easy indicator of low to no nitrates.

Personally, I would not worry about your driftwood unless it's soft and mushy to the touch. If it is, lose it, because it is rotten and you don't want that in the tank.

Lastly, here's some reading I would suggest to you, if you haven't already done so:

Hope that helps, and again, welcome to apc!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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