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need some tips for new project

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good day to all who love a planted aquarium... im just new for this project the said planted aquarium. but the problem is i dont have enough money to buy the complete set of co2... can any body teach me the alternative that i myself can do it without the co2. that less expensive? help sir... and i do appreciate the suggestions and tips for me to continue with my project.. its about 50 gals tank...

good day and more power....
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If budget is of your main concern, then you have several options. One, use a DIY CO2 method, which might be a little challenging for a tank that size, but nevertheless provides a nice alternative to pressurized. You can search for all kinds of methods, but the one I found to be the most effective is one called 'Nyberg Method'. I don't know how many times I must've advocated it. Just give it a try. Two, you can skip the CO2 route if you just have plants that can do ok/well without it. Usually, those plants are also less light-demanding. You can find those plant choices in the Plant Finder section. Good day.

Here is a link that I used for my first DIY C02...

For a 50G tank you will need to use two bottles.

If money is a concern, what are you using for lights?
thanks very much for the info...
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