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Need Suggestion for Lighting options for 90 gal tank (was out of the hobby more than 10 years ..)

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Hello everybody ,
Been out of this hobby for more than 10 years ... Lots of changes in technology of the lighting ...After reading all the forum post felt like my grandmother with a new iPhone :)
Before posted this common question I read all the topics in this forum and really got lost many options ..
Price range could be in upper end as long its reliable and fit the purpose .
Aquarium size 60x20x21 inches .Planing to start high tech tank with co2 etc need pretty bright light ( thinking of led) . After reading was thinking of Twinstar SA , EVO Quad 72 6500K LED Aquarium Light , Novostella 100W RGB LED Flood Light or maybe other options could be available ? Please post your opinion .
Thanks in advance ,
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Hi GenaV I have a 60" as well. Most 48" light fixtures say the work for 60" but that is not my experience. You can spend anything you want on a light fixture but be careful as many of them have too much light and that would lead to algae. I use this one
KZKR Aquarium LED Fish Tank Light 60 inch Remote Control Hood Lamp for Freshwater Saltwater Marine Full Spectrum Blue and White Decorations Light I have a 30" deep tank and this works fine to get to the bottom. I balance the CO2 flow and number of hours of light to control algae. If you want fancier lights that can do weather Fluvial and Current USA makes good ones specifically for plants. I have duel Current USA 48 set and I can adjust not just weather but color and intensity by color to anything I want. For the simple plants I grow these lights do a good job.

Fluval also makes higher end high intensity models if you are experienced enough to try to grow plants that require bright light and high CO2. Most will be 48 inch and constant intensity and color. KZKR is unusual in that they make 60" lights.
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Allexx46 Thank you very much for such detailed explanation . I am going to research lights that you recommend me . Thank is going to be with high intensity light with CO2. You are absolutely right most lights is 48 inches . I guess that would me my choice or 2 30 inches lights. . Well still doing research .
Good luck to you
Thank you again ,
Gena V
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