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My setup is as follows:
75 tank
3-4 inches gravel substrate
4.4 wpg (3 X 48" VHO (2X6500K 1X10000K)) Lighting
Wet/Dry filtration.
CO2 (on the near horizion)
UV Sterillizer (within the next 2 weeks)

I will be setting this tank up as a high temp, 82-84 deg F, and low pH <6.2 for Discus and other natives of the Rio ***** and surrounding areas. This will be my first heavily planted tank, but I figured with 4.4 wpg, and wanting to keep discus, I would need some good cover.

So my question is this... Where can I find a good supplier of plants... someone who will help me put together a starter "package" for my tank. I have seen "discus plant aquascapes" for sale at some dealers and that may do it, just looking for some feedback on your plant purchasing experiences.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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