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I have a 10 gallon tank into which I drop all left overs, unwanted plants, and clippings. This tank, of course, has water in it, but almost nothing else special except an airstone and a poor quality flourescent light: no substrate, no fertilizers, no trace minerals, no NPK, no CO2, no love, not even a look each day. But I have noticed that some plants refuse to die, no matter how long they are left in this netherworld. These undying plants actually thrive in this tank. They are:

Didplis diandra - which sometimes does better in these conditions than when tenderly planted and nurtured
Hygrophila polysperma - which actually grows and grows - I can understand why it is unloved by some 'authorities'
Marsilea crenata - this actually startes popping up lovely 3 and 4 leaf fronds (grown submerged it tends toward a 1 leafed form)
Hygrophila difformis - hangs on to life no matter what
Rotala indica - like a weed, this propogates

If only plants would respond to the loving care given them as much as they sometimes do with complete neglect....

Andrew Cribb
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