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Neon green water

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I've had an aquarium for a year now that has worked well with out a filter. However recently I had a bloom of green floating algae. I turned the lights off for a week, did water changes, tested the water. However I can't find a cause. My conclusion is it's the fact that a plant species I had I recently took out because it wasn't doing well. Now the obvious solution is to get more plants. However how do I get rid of the agae? I can't afford to turn the light off for another week the plants suffered for that and it only sort of helped anyways. Do I need to get a filter?
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There are several solutions.
1. lights off & more water changes
2. diatom filter
3. UV sterilizer
4. dump in a bunch of daphnia to eat the green algae. End result, you have a bunch of daphnia to feed the fish.
Thank you for the advise!
I've been doing weekly 25-30 changes, I think perhaps I will do an extra small change for two a week for a little while.
I'll see more about that diatom filter, it seems like a good investment.
Anyone recommend a certain way to get daphnia? Shipping? Local shop?
You should do 100% water changes.

Not sure where you're from but it might be too cold to ship or find daphnia locally. But check the local shop if they have LIVE daphnia, not frozen. Of course, you can't have fish in the tank while the daphnia work.
I have a 29g dirted and planted aquarium, I have been following the Diana Walstad Method of a freshwater aquarium. I can't do 100%, But I can do large water changes; I'm thinking 75-80 twice over a week? and seeing what that does.
I have changed my lighting schedule from two 5 hours increments with a siesta between to 2 4 hours increments and the algae are still thriving.
Big water changes should take out nutrients the algae live on.
For what it's worth, I had green water outbreak when I attempted to fertilize my plants recently (EI water column dosing). I did a couple 100% water changes that ended up in more green water within 2 days. (Could be several reasons for that, but that's another story.)
Anyway, I bought a cheap-ish ($36) in-tank UV sterilizer (looks like an internal filter) and in 2 days it has done its job...clear water again, even with a test dose of Ferts.
It's a "Coospider J[something]2, which is rated for 10-40 gallon tanks. Their #1 is for larger.
The downside is that in anything smaller than 20- 30, I imagine your fish would be wondering why you put them in a vortex. The flow is not light.
Thank you for the advice. I did a large water change today and I'm going to be buying more plants for the tank. if it comes back I think I will result in the filters. doesn't UV sterilizers also kill other things? like bacteria that you want?
UV filters will only kill things in the water column. The beneficial bacteria live on surfaces.
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