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neophyte moss/driftwood questions and others

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what kind of moss is best to grow on driftwood? how do I attach it? What are some of your other favorite plants to put in your aquarium and are they hard to care for?
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First off, welcome to apc! Let me suggest some reading for you to get your feet wet:

Those will give you some general info on what's needed to grow healthy plants. Mosses are typically anchored to something in the tank for growth, wood and rocks being the main items. There are a lot of mosses out there. Typically attached with cotton thread, fishing line, etc.
Here is a Aquatic Moss site that will give you an idea of what is out there...

One of the most common found mosses that can be obtained at your LFS is Java moss, which is very easy to grow. Some of the other mosses can be obtained from fellow hobbiest or on-line stores. Most all mosses are low light & easy to grow.

I like using fishing line to attach my moss & other plants to wood or rock. It's less visible at first & will eventually get covered by the moss. You will want to attach the moss losely, but not too lose where it will float off. Just tight enough to hold it down, but not too tight that it is choking it.

My favorite plant at the moment is Crypt b.. It is easy to grow, requires low-medium to medium light & reproduces by runners. It is best suited for the background in larger aquariums.

Check out our "Plantfinder" it gives you info on plants such as light requirments, difficulty to grow etc.
Thanks bunches guys thats helped a lot!
Anytime :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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