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As a person who has kept, and offered nerites for years to others and has often raised baby nerites, I will add some imput on their care. Many times when I receive a shipment of nerites there will be several with severe shell damage. I do not offer these snails to anyone, they are kept here at The Cause for many months until they begin to build new shell growth. I have had this growth to occur in lower ph with C0 2 injection and in tanks with ph around 7.4 and our KH is less than 12. Our water does have some alkaline and all our tanks have flourite and pool sand. It has been suggested to place bird cuttle bone in the tanks with snails to help keep shell structure rebuilding. Being a curious and a person who loves to learn about the world of aquarium keeping, I decided to try this in a few tanks that housed damages nerites.
I added cuttlebone to 2 tanks. The other tanks with these snails received none. Same water changes were conducted, ph was the same in each tank. Over a period of several months I saw no change in shell structure in the tanks that held held the cuttlebone. I did find that they were often seen on the cuttlebone as to say they were eating the cuttlebone or just feeding from the build up I don't know. I can say I saw no major change in shell growth in the tanks that held the cuttlebone. I do believe foods that contain the right amount of nutrients is one of the major factors in shell growth. Olive nerites are found in many different types of water conditions in the wild. I feed mine a variety of foods, brine shrimp pellets, dried and frozen worms, algae wafers, pleco pellet food, vegetable wafers. Micro pellets and wafers and flake foods. If anyone has tried other methods I would love to hear from you.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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