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Iam starting up a new 190g tank after new year, so I made a list of the plants that I would like. Please comment anything about the list if you got any advice, especially if some plants dont work well together etc.

25 Heteranthera Zosterifolia
25 Hygrophila Polysperma "big leaf"
25 Hygrophila Polysperma "Varigata rosanervig"
25 Limnophila aromatica
25 Limnophila sessilflora ambulia
20 Myriophyllum elatinodes
10 Rotala nanjenshan
06 Sagittaria subulata
01 Echinodorus marcophyllus
03 Echinodorus rubin "narrow"
10 Anubias nana
05 Microsorium pteropus
15 Microsorium pteropus "narrow"
10 Microsorium pteropus "windeløv"
15 Cryptocoryne wendtti "brown"
15 Cryptocoryne wendtti "brown / green"
15 Cryptocoryne wendtti "tropica"
03 Cryptocoryne balansae "narrow"
03 Cryptocoryne balansae "wide"
10 Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba''

It should give in the area of 266 plants, depending on how many there are in each pot, they promised me atleast 5 of the fast growers in each pot, so thats the amount that I calculated with.

I know that its risky with the Crypts in a new tank, but i get those that melt replaced without charge.

Regards Kenneth
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